About Creative Spirits

Creative Spirits was founded in 2012 by Barb Clayton in Spirit Lake, IA.  The first events were held in a local contractor’s kitchen display storeroom, Supreme Kitchens and later a small studio was open followed by a move to a much larger studio on Hill Avenue.  In 2013 the Sioux Falls studio location was opened on Main Street, downtown Sioux Falls. In November 2013 the Ames studio was opened in West Towne.  Sue Boettcher joined the team and became a partner in January 2014. In the process of the rapid growth additional markets were opened and managed from the Okoboji Studio creating a centralized office.

May 31st, 2018 Barb and Sue officially sold their Trademarked "Creative Spirits", existing Studios, and other Assets to pursue other interests.  Scott and Tami Lund acquired the trademark "Creative Spirits", Okoboji Studio, Sioux Falls Studio, Forest City Market, Sioux City Market, and the Midwest Mobile Team(formerly managed by the centralized corporate office).  Jenn and Chris Todd purchased the Greater Ames Studio and Market(now known as Brush: A Paint & Craft Studio).

Tami and Scott, the NEW Creative Spirits owners are so excited to INSPIRE...IGNITE...CREATE!  They began by relocating the Sioux Falls Studio to 41st Street to accommodate guests with easier parking and amenities!  They also redesigned the brand as well as both of the brick and mortar studios.  Creative Spirits is still focused on creating memories, but is no longer JUST a paint and sip.  There are wood projects, Kids Club, Pinterest-Let's Try It Club, Guest Artists of many mediums, artists available for hire to help with personal projects, art therapy, StrengthsFinders Team Building, Daring Way and Rising Strong creativity support and personal development connection, Corporate and Private Events, and the studios are full venues for celebrations!

Tami’s love for art, inspiring others, igniting passion for creativity of all kinds, and interacting with people makes her the perfect day-to-day leader for the Creative Spirit company and studios.  Her healthcare and well-being experience drives her to push studio boundaries to support the community.  She is fantastic at “thinking outside the box” in creating special events for individuals and groups.  She is always shopping for and developing plans for the next great project in the studio and at home!  Scott's ability to follow design plans, develop and manage projects, and build anything has and will continue to help Creative Spirits innovate and meet the changing needs of our customers!

Tami and Scott were blessed to have a fantastic team of studio leaders, artists, and event managers transition to the new business.  They also have a serious passion for art and ensuring our guests maximize their creativity, have fun, meet their goals, and engage in memorable parties.  Whether you want a party in our studio or we bring it to you, the team works to insure you feel INSPIRED...IGNITED...CREATIVE!!

The OKOBOJI Studio Manager, Roxie Moriston has remained in her role and has been key to the transition of ownership!  Renovation, operations, customer service, and studio leadership is second nature to Roxie following her years of work with the previous owners, customers, and in her own service leadership journey.  She is driving positive change in offerings in her market and the company overall!

We would love to meet you in an upcoming party or event, or as we plan your time in the Creative Spirits Studios!